Instructions for submitting Issue/Cause Website

You will submit your Issue/Cause Website (IC) by posting it to the portfolio page of your portfolio website.

Remember, your IC site should be a stand-alone site that is separate from your portfolio site. That is, it should have it’s own unique URL: The content of your IC site should not appear on your Portfolio site.

The link to your project on the portfolio page should consist of:

  1. A descriptive title (not “Issue/Cause Site” but “Morgantown Parking Resources”).
  2. A link to the IC Site (this link should be a text link not a plain URL). In most cases, the best method will be to make the title the link.
  3. A thumbnail image, appropriately sized for your layout, either of the analysis itself or representative of it (for some visual appeal).
  4. short summary of the analysis (so readers will know what they are clicking on).

See the example here, or come talk to me if you have questions about this process.


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